Monday, June 25, 2007

Fathead: What is Fathead and What Do They Do?

What is fathead? It is generally someone who has an abnormally large head compared to their rest of their body. Generally it isn’t a good thing to be known as a fathead, unless of course you are referring to the company…Fathead. Then we are talking about another realm of cool.

Any sports fan would love to have their favorite player’s gigantic decal pasted to a wall to display their fanaticism. If you’re a Steve Nash fan, imagine the 2 time MVP popping out of your wall on a fast break. Or if you are an Alex Rodriguez fan, imaginee having his signature swing plastered on your wall. This is what Fathead gives you. Unlike a poster that will rip and is completely unoriginal, these decals give any room that appearance that you feel is missing and will put your sports domain over the top.

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