Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fathead: Cool Additions & Accessories For Your Fathead Decal

Let’s say one day that you decide that you are going to purchase, “The coolest thing on the face of this planet.” Obviously I am referring to a Fathead which is a giant sport decal that can be placed on a wall to give it an amazingly cool appearance. The world’s coolest Fathead will vary from person to person. To me, the coolest Fathead would definitely be a Rip Hamilton Fathead. I can see why this wouldn’t necessarily be a favorite among sport fans.

However, I know that many would feel that a Lebron James Fathead would be by far the coolest. So you have decided to buy a Lebron James Fathead, considered by you to be the coolest thing on the face of this planet. Not only do you get the actually giant decal, but you also get some cool decals to accessorize your smart purchase. You will receive a nameplate that says Lebron James as well as a mini picture of Lebron James. Not only that, but you will also receive a Cleveland Cavalier logo on top of all of this. So you pay a little to get a lot. What else could you ask for?