Friday, June 29, 2007

Fathead: Pistons Leave Fans Scratching Heads As They Draft 3 Guards In Draft

I am not exactly sure what the Pistons were thinking last night when they drafted 3 guards. I look at their line up and see that they are in more desperate need of big men. Their current big men include Rasheed Wallace, Antonio McDyess, Jason Maxiell, Amir Johnson and Nazr Mohammed. Many think that Rasheed is on his way out after his meltdown in the Eastern Conference finals and his reliance on the outside shot when he is clearly the strongest inside player on the team, his complacent attitude is viewed as a tumor on the team and his incessant need to pick up unnecessary and harming technical fouls. Both McDyess and and Rasheed are in their mid-30’s and the team is in clear need of an infusion of talent at the forward and center positions. Jason Maxiell is a strong talent, but largely unproven and Amir Johnson is an exciting possibility, but is probably ready for about 10 minutes of action at the maximum. Nazr Mohammed is most likely on the way out. Wouldn’t it have made sense to

Instead the Pistons decided that they needed 3 players in Stuckey, Afflalo and Mejia who all will play behind Rip Hamilton. This leads me to think that Lindsey Hunter and Flip Murray are on their ways out. What leaves me scratching my head are rumors that Grant Hill will be headed back into town. Is this necessary as well? Another 2-3 coming into town after this draft. Were the Pistons trying to pick up an insurance policy in case Chauncey Billups does decide to head out for “green”-er pastures? This was a perfect opportunity to pick up someone who could also make an immediate impact on the front line, while still taking the athletic guard that they were looking for. Was Afflalo drafted as a Lebron stopper? I have a lot of questions, but I am looking forward to finding out the answers in the coming weeks.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fathead: NFL Legend Emmitt Smith Fathead

Fathead has an NFL Legend category. I wish the NFL was not the only category that had former player as I can think of a ton of other athletes that would make amazing Fatheads just off the top of my mind who played other sports besides football. I can see Boston Celtics fans going “ga-ga” over a Larry Bird Fathead. I am stopping my tangent and returning to my original point of this post.

Looking over the NFL Legend Fatheads, I come across the Emmitt Smith Fathead. Emmitt Smith made his name by winning Dancing With the Stars. That and he is also the all time NFL leader in rushing yards. He also didn’t hurt his chances of becoming a Fathead Legend by becoming a 3 time Super Bowl champion. Moreover, he had one of the all time greatest seasons of all time by winning a Super Bowl, the NFL MVP award, the Super Bowl MVP award and finally the NFL rushing yardage crown all in one season. You can’t take anything away from this man.

In addition to purchasing an Emmitt Smith Fathead, you may also wish to celebrate the teams that he played for. He obviously made his name with the Dallas Cowboys, but he finished his career with the Arizona Cardinals. Celebrate Emmitt Smith’s career with both a Dallas Cowboys Football Helmet Fathead as well as an Arizona Cardinals Football Helmet Fathead.

Fathead: Marisa Miller Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Fathead

I had mentioned earlier that my favorite Fathead would most likely be the Rip Hamilton Fathead. I am a huge Pistons fan, so this would definitely fit the bill as the very best Fathead, until I saw the Marisa Miller Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Fathead. If I had to put an explanation into words, I would probably say that it is “WOW!”. Wish I could do a better job with my description, but I really can’t. You will just have to see it for yourself. Besides posing for Sports Illustrated, this 28 year old supermodel has also appeared in Victoria Secret catalogs.

Marisa Miller Giant Sports Poster

WARNING: Not for sticking to an office wall. Concentration levels will drop way below satisfactory levels! This tends to happen when a 3 1/2 foot decal beauty is staring at you at all times and angles.

Fathead: Celebrate The NBA Draft With A Jamarcus Russell Fathead, LSU Fathead & Raider's Fathead?

With the NBA draft tonight and a lack of Kevin Durant and Greg Oden Fatheads to celebrate the top two picks in the draft, let us revisit the NFL draft that occurred just a few short months ago. With the first pick of the NFL draft, the Oakland Raiders drafted Jamarcus Russell, the gigantic quarterback that played his college ball at LSU.

In his junior and final season at LSU, he led his tigers to an impressive 10-2 record. He saved the best for last. In his final game against Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl, he almost single-handedly defeated the Fighting Irish 41-14 with a total accumulated offense of 350 yards and 3 touchdowns. He was obviously named the MVP of this game. He was also named to the all-SEC first team and also was an honorable mention All American.

Sure he had an amazing season and received all of these accolades, but this isn’t anything in comparison to the honor of having a Jamarcus Russell Fathead created in his mold.

Though I cannot imagine any excuse that anyone could dream up regarding why they wouldn’t want a Russell Fathead. If there are in fact cases where this occurs, there are alternatives. Maybe you are more of an Oakland Raiders fan and not into any individual player. No problem. My solution for you would be to purchase an Oakland Raiders Football Helmet Fathead instead.

More of an LSU fan as opposed to a Raiders fan? Fair enough. Celebrate your Tigers with an LSU College Football Helmet Fathead.

Fathead: Additional Alternatives To Michael Jordan Fathead Includes Gilbert Arenas & Miami Heat Logo

The other day I wrote about how Fathead should desperately be looking to release a Michael Jordan Fathead. Since these are not currently carried, I made a couple of suggestions instead. These suggestions included a Ben Gordon Fathead as well as a gigantic Chicago Bulls decal instead. I was thinking about it some more, and came up with a few other suggestions.

It had slipped my mind that Jordan also played for the Washington Wizards. Maybe you weren’t a Jordan fan when he was playing for the Bulls but fell in love with his game when he was with the Wizards. If so, you might be interested in a Gilbert “Agent 0” Arenas Fathead. Arenas just finished an almost MVP worthy season with the Wizards.

It is a little known fact that the Miami Heat retired Jordan’s jersey despite not playing one game in a Heat uniform. I have always found this fact a little odd and when I share it with people, they seem to never believe me until they research it on the internet. Maybe you would like a Miami Heat NBA Logo Fathead because of the fact that there is a Jordan jersey hanging in the rafters of their stadium.

Finally, Jordan is also a towering executive for the newest NBA franchise, the Charlotte Bobcats. He has certainly invested a lot of time and money within this franchise. Maybe you would prefer to celebrate Jordan’s post-NBA career with a Charlotte Bobcat NBA Logo Fathead. Until a Jordan Fathead is offered, here are quite a few alternatives until that day does come.

Fathead: Top 5 Best Selling NCAA Fatheads

Listed below are the most popular College related Fatheads and links to the respective posters. Most would agree that the biggest rivalry in college sports is NCAA football’s University of Michigan vs. Ohio State University. The last few years the edge has gone to OSU in those games. It looks like they get the edge in another category as well, Fathead popularity. Ohio State takes the top two spots in this ranking.

1.) Ohio State Buckeyes Logo Fathead

2.) Ohio State Buckeyes Football Helmet Fathead

3.) Michigan Wolverines Football Helmet Fathead

4.) Michigan Wolverines Logo Fathead

5.) USC Trojans Football Helmet Logo Fathead

Fathead: Top 5 Best Selling MLB Fatheads

Listed below are the most popular MLB Fatheads and links to the respective posters.

1.) Derek Jeter Fathead

2.) Yankees Logo Fathead

3.) Red Sox Logo Fathead

4.) Detroit Tigers Logo Fathead

5.) St. Cardinals Logo Fathead

Fathead: Top 5 Best Selling NHL Fatheads

Listed below are the most popular NHL Fatheads and links to the respective posters.

1.) Sidney Crosby Fathead

2.) Red Wings Logo Fathead

3.) Martin Brodeur Fathead

4.) Pittsburgh Penguin Logo Fathead

5.) Buffalo Sabres Logo Fathead

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fathead: Top 5 Best Selling NFL Fatheads

Listed below are the most popular NFL Fatheads and links to the respective posters.

1.) Dallas Cowboys Helmet Fathead

2.) Roy Williams Fathead

3.) AJ Hawk Fathead

4.) Pittsburgh Steelers Helmet Fathead

5.) Peyton Manning - Series 2 Fathead

Fathead: Top 5 Best Selling NBA Fatheads

Listed below are the most popular NBA Fatheads and links to the respective posters.

1.) LeBron James Fathead

2.) Dwyane Wade - Series 2 Fathead

3.) Steve Nash Fathead

4.) LeBron James - Series 2 Fathead

5.) Tim Duncan Fathead

Fathead: Oden-Durant Will Go 1-2 In NBA Draft - Purchase Chris Paul's Fathead Today

Tomorrow pits the Portland Trailblazers against the Seattle Supersonics as they draft 1-2 respectively in the NBA draft. My gut feeling will be that Portland will draft the center from Ohio State Greg Oden and Seattle will get a heck of a consolation prize in Kevin Durant. Portland is in a win-win situation. They will receive an amazing player even if they shock everyone, myself included, and draft Kevin Durant. These two players will battle it out all season long for the right to the NBA Rookie of the Year. Don’t be surprised if Fathead unveils one or even both of these players in one of their signature giant sports posters within the coming year.

In the meantime, you can snag Chris Paul’s Fathead, the Rookie of the Year from 2005, as you wait for Oden’s and Durant’s Fatheads to be released.

Fathead: The Quick Installation/Stick Instructions For Your Fabulous New Fathead

Giant Sports Posters


It’s easy. 5 minutes and you’re a FATHEAD™.




KICK BACK & ENJOY – Welcome to the TEAM!

Fathead: Complete 6 Step Instructions On How To Properly Install/Stick Your New Fathead

Giant Sports Posters

Put up your FATHEAD™ in six easy steps. It’s not hard, but take the time to do it right. With a clean dry wall, you’re just 5 minutes away from bringing the action to your room.


Because a FATHEAD™ is “REAL.BIG.” you’ll need four hands and a little patience to get it right.


Pick a spot where everyone can see what a FATHEAD™ you have. Pick a smooth dry wall – most traditional walls in your house or office with standard painted dry wall work best. Your FATHEAD™ doesn’t like pebbly/textured walls, the hood of your car, bails of hay, fireplaces, or your garage door.

A FATHEAD™ is not afraid to be too big and too real for some walls! You will need approximately 80” tall x 50” wide for players, 54” tall x 52” wide for helmets, and 39” tall x 91” wide for cars.


Use a warm damp cloth or sponge to clean the wall surface. DO NOT USE SOAP. Allow the surface to dry thoroughly – approximately 30 minutes.


Lay your complete FATHEAD™ (before you peel anything) on a flat surface.

PLAYERS & CARS—FATHEAD™ players & cars come in two pieces, so begin with the bottom half. With a person on either side, start at the mid-section of the image and peel down toward the bottom edge slowly, gently and evenly until the image is completely removed. Working together, place one end or corner of the image on the wall and slowly smooth it into place. If your FATHEAD™ came in two pieces, start by matching the image at the seam and smoothing it onto the wall from that end.

HELMETS—working together putting up your FATHEAD™ helmet, gently pull the helmet off the backing with specific caution around the facemask. Once removed from the backing and you are ready to place it on the wall, start with the helmet side and work towards the facemask.

Note: if some of the backing paper comes off when you peel your FATHEAD™, don’t sweat it. It is not a product defect. Simply remove the excess backing and you are good to go.


Once your FATHEAD™ has been gently stuck on the wall where you want it, use the ROLLER to smooth out any air bubbles. Take the roller and run it over your entire FATHEAD™ (the one on the wall) with specific emphasis to the parts highest on the wall to make sure your FATHEAD™ sticks for as long as you want it there.


Step back, take it in, and know you ARE a FATHEAD™. Welcome to the team!

Note: make sure to keep the items that came with your FATHEAD™ including the Tube, Roller and the Backing it came with. You may need these items if you want to move your FATHEAD™ again.


Use the roller to really rub down the edges hard, especially the highest points on the wall. Some walls are more difficult for the FATHEAD™ to adhere to. If the adhesive sticks to itself, do not panic, just slowly peel it back apart, and don’t worry: there will be plenty of adhesive left to place on the wall.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fathead: In Need Of A Michael Jordan Fathead...Alternatives Available

Giant Sports Posters

I believe that Fathead is in desperate need of producing a Michael Jordan Fathead. Though he has been out of the NBA for a few years now, he is by far the most popular athlete on the face of the earth. I know many would agree with me that even outside of Chicago, there wouldn’t be a chance of keeping a Michael Jordan Fathead on the shelf because they would probably sell out almost immediately. Michael Jordan is such a recognizable sports figure that I am honestly surprised that these are not carried…yet. Other retired and spectacular athletes have their own Fatheads. Take a peak at Barry Sanders Fathead as an example. Michael Jordan should not be any different in regards to having a Fathead created to fit his mold.

For those of you who are waiting around for these Jordan Fatheads, you are still in luck. There is another famous Chicago Bulls shooting guard that his own Fathead. Display the Ben Gordon Fathead today. This diminutive, yet explosive and speedy guard can be yours today. Not a Ben Gordon fan, but still want to display your love for the Bulls, feel free to do so with a gigantic Chicago Bulls decal instead.

Fathead: Cool Additions & Accessories For Your Fathead Decal

Let’s say one day that you decide that you are going to purchase, “The coolest thing on the face of this planet.” Obviously I am referring to a Fathead which is a giant sport decal that can be placed on a wall to give it an amazingly cool appearance. The world’s coolest Fathead will vary from person to person. To me, the coolest Fathead would definitely be a Rip Hamilton Fathead. I can see why this wouldn’t necessarily be a favorite among sport fans.

However, I know that many would feel that a Lebron James Fathead would be by far the coolest. So you have decided to buy a Lebron James Fathead, considered by you to be the coolest thing on the face of this planet. Not only do you get the actually giant decal, but you also get some cool decals to accessorize your smart purchase. You will receive a nameplate that says Lebron James as well as a mini picture of Lebron James. Not only that, but you will also receive a Cleveland Cavalier logo on top of all of this. So you pay a little to get a lot. What else could you ask for?

Monday, June 25, 2007

Fathead: What is Fathead and What Do They Do?

What is fathead? It is generally someone who has an abnormally large head compared to their rest of their body. Generally it isn’t a good thing to be known as a fathead, unless of course you are referring to the company…Fathead. Then we are talking about another realm of cool.

Any sports fan would love to have their favorite player’s gigantic decal pasted to a wall to display their fanaticism. If you’re a Steve Nash fan, imagine the 2 time MVP popping out of your wall on a fast break. Or if you are an Alex Rodriguez fan, imaginee having his signature swing plastered on your wall. This is what Fathead gives you. Unlike a poster that will rip and is completely unoriginal, these decals give any room that appearance that you feel is missing and will put your sports domain over the top.

Visit Fathead today!

Fathead: Dale Earnhardt Jr Giant Wall Poster Fathead Price Reduction

Every Dale Earnhardt Jr fan must have a Dale Earnhardt Jr giant car poster compliments of Fathead. I reiterate. It is a must have! And now you can have it at a discount. Instead of paying full price, now you can own it for just $89.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is the son of NASCAR driving legend Dale Earnhardt. So far in his young career, Earnhardt, Jr. has won back-to-back Busch Series championships and was also the winner of the 2004 Daytona 500. He is the driver of the #8 Budweiser Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS/Impala SS in NASCAR's NEXTEL Cup.

Giant Sports Posters

Fathead: All of the NHL Players Fathead Offers With Their Giant Posters

Here is a list of all of your favorite NHL players that Fathead carries with their giant sports posters. I am sure that you will be able to find one that you will love. One that will make your walls scream "I am an NHL fanatic!".

Giant Sports Posters

Fathead: All of the MLB Players Fathead Offers With Their Giant Sports Posters

Here is a list of all of your favorite MLB players that Fathead carries with their giant sports posters. I am sure that you will be able to find one that you will love. One that will make your walls scream "I am an MLB fanatic!".

Giant Sports Posters

Fathead: All of the NBA Players Fathead Offers With Their Giant Posters

Here is a list of all of your favorite NBA players that Fathead carries with their giant sports posters. I am sure that you will be able to find one that you will love. One that will make your walls scream "I am an NBA fanatic!".

Giant Sports Posters

Fathead: All of the NFL Players Fathead Offers With Their Giant Sports Posters

Here is a list of all of your favorite NFL players that Fathead carries with their giant sports posters. I am sure that you will be able to find one that you will love. One that will make your walls scream "I am an NFL fanatic!".

Giant Sports Posters

Ben Roethlisberger Fathead- Series 2
Boomer Esiason Fathead
Brett Favre Fathead
Brett Favre Fathead - Series 2
Brian Urlacher Fathead - Series 2
Carnell Williams Fathead
Carson Palmer - Series 2 Fathead
Chad Johnson Fathead
Chad Pennington Fathead
Champ Bailey Fathead
Clinton Portis Fathead
Dan Marino Fathead
Daunte Culpepper Fathead
Donovan McNabb - Series 2 Fathead
Eli Manning Fathead
Emmitt Smith Fathead
Hines Ward - Series 2 Fathead
Jack Lambert Fathead
JaMarcus Russell Fathead
Jerome Bettis Fathead
Jerry Rice Fathead
Joe Montana Fathead
John Elway Fathead
Julius Jones Fathead
Julius Peppers Fathead
LaDainian Tomlinson - Series 2 Fathead
Larry Johnson - Series 2 Fathead
Lawrence Taylor Fathead
Marcus Allen Fathead
Marvin Harrison Fathead
Matt Leinart Fathead
Michael Vick Fathead
Michael Vick - Series 2 Fathead
Peyton Manning - Series 2 Fathead
Philip Rivers Fathead
Priest Holmes Fathead
Randy Moss Fathead
Randy Moss - Series 2 Fathead
Ray Lewis Fathead
Ray Lewis - Series 2 Fathead
Reggie Bush Fathead
Rex Grossman Fathead
Roy Williams - Series 2 Fathead
Shaun Alexander - Series 2 Fathead
Steve McNair Fathead
Steve Smith - Series 2 Fathead
Teddy Bruschi Fathead
Teddy Bruschi - Series 2 Fathead
Terrell Owens Fathead
Tiki Barber - Series 2 Fathead
Tom Brady - Series 2 Fathead
Tony Romo Fathead
Torry Holt Fathead
Troy Aikman Fathead
Troy Polamalu - Series 2 Fathead
Vince Young Fathead
Walter Payton Fathead
Willis McGahee Fathead
Zach Thomas Fathead

FatHead: Hot Fathead Coupon Deals

You cannot complain about this deal. Can't decide between your favorite player or your favorite player's team's logo? Choose both and get one of them half off. Buy both quick, because this deal is only good until June 28th.

Giant Sports Posters

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Giant Sports Posters