Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fathead: NFL Legend Emmitt Smith Fathead

Fathead has an NFL Legend category. I wish the NFL was not the only category that had former player as I can think of a ton of other athletes that would make amazing Fatheads just off the top of my mind who played other sports besides football. I can see Boston Celtics fans going “ga-ga” over a Larry Bird Fathead. I am stopping my tangent and returning to my original point of this post.

Looking over the NFL Legend Fatheads, I come across the Emmitt Smith Fathead. Emmitt Smith made his name by winning Dancing With the Stars. That and he is also the all time NFL leader in rushing yards. He also didn’t hurt his chances of becoming a Fathead Legend by becoming a 3 time Super Bowl champion. Moreover, he had one of the all time greatest seasons of all time by winning a Super Bowl, the NFL MVP award, the Super Bowl MVP award and finally the NFL rushing yardage crown all in one season. You can’t take anything away from this man.

In addition to purchasing an Emmitt Smith Fathead, you may also wish to celebrate the teams that he played for. He obviously made his name with the Dallas Cowboys, but he finished his career with the Arizona Cardinals. Celebrate Emmitt Smith’s career with both a Dallas Cowboys Football Helmet Fathead as well as an Arizona Cardinals Football Helmet Fathead.