Friday, June 29, 2007

Fathead: Pistons Leave Fans Scratching Heads As They Draft 3 Guards In Draft

I am not exactly sure what the Pistons were thinking last night when they drafted 3 guards. I look at their line up and see that they are in more desperate need of big men. Their current big men include Rasheed Wallace, Antonio McDyess, Jason Maxiell, Amir Johnson and Nazr Mohammed. Many think that Rasheed is on his way out after his meltdown in the Eastern Conference finals and his reliance on the outside shot when he is clearly the strongest inside player on the team, his complacent attitude is viewed as a tumor on the team and his incessant need to pick up unnecessary and harming technical fouls. Both McDyess and and Rasheed are in their mid-30’s and the team is in clear need of an infusion of talent at the forward and center positions. Jason Maxiell is a strong talent, but largely unproven and Amir Johnson is an exciting possibility, but is probably ready for about 10 minutes of action at the maximum. Nazr Mohammed is most likely on the way out. Wouldn’t it have made sense to

Instead the Pistons decided that they needed 3 players in Stuckey, Afflalo and Mejia who all will play behind Rip Hamilton. This leads me to think that Lindsey Hunter and Flip Murray are on their ways out. What leaves me scratching my head are rumors that Grant Hill will be headed back into town. Is this necessary as well? Another 2-3 coming into town after this draft. Were the Pistons trying to pick up an insurance policy in case Chauncey Billups does decide to head out for “green”-er pastures? This was a perfect opportunity to pick up someone who could also make an immediate impact on the front line, while still taking the athletic guard that they were looking for. Was Afflalo drafted as a Lebron stopper? I have a lot of questions, but I am looking forward to finding out the answers in the coming weeks.